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Health and work are both fundamental human needs.

We help people achieve both.

Join Us and Benefit

At Cogent, we want to enable our people to thrive in their careers by letting them know they’re part of a team that encourages career growth, promotes inclusion and cares about their wellbeing.

We want our people to know we prioritise looking after them, so they can focus on making a difference in the lives of the clients we support, we do this by offering:

  • Time and balance: With so much more to life than a satisfying career, our people can access our employee assistance program, parental leave and purchased annual leave programs, and join our travel club for discounted holidays. We offer flexible working arrangements to suit our people.
  • Career opportunities: Our people can seize opportunities to move within and across our family of businesses to broaden their skills and experience, and further their career progression.
  • Fostering connections: Our people can participate in coffee roulette, read our ‘In the Loop’ newsletter and join Cogent social events to stay informed and connected as a team.
  • Bring our whole self to work: Our deep commitment to the communities in which we live and work is brought to life by our reconciliation action plan, and our diversity and inclusion action plan, which we communicate to our team on a regular basis.
  • Investing in our team: Access ongoing professional development aligned to roles and career goals via learning & development academy while earning CPD points
  • Packaging perks: we offer salary sacrificing and novated leasing programs to all our people.

Do better and be better

We offer our employees benefits to help them achieve a genuine work-life balance, so they feel valued and supported, and are more likely to stay with us in the long term.

Whether you’re one of our care coordinators, injury management advisors, business support professionals, or part of our clinical network of health professionals, we’ll help you achieve your career development goals while maintaining harmony in different aspects of your life.

As an employee of Cogent Thinking, you’ll be eligible for the following:

A long-term career

We genuinely want our employees to feel valued and supported, and to stick around. We offer a suite of flexible working arrangements so we can continue to improve employee satisfaction and commitment, promote work-life balance and remain an employer of choice.

Paid parental leave program

Our paid parental leave program is key to attracting and retaining our staff. We tailor our policy to the needs of our employees, so that you can choose to organise your paid parental leave in a way that best meets your financial and caring needs. We also incorporate flexible working arrangements to help parents before, during and after a period of parental leave.


We offer eligible employees flexible working arrangements, such as changes to hours of work (changes to start and finishing times), patterns of work (such as job sharing), and locations of work (work from home). The benefits to flexibility are well-known, such as increased job satisfaction and motivation and better work-life balance.

Purchased leave

Our commitment to work-life balance means we also offer flexibility with employee leave arrangements. Our people can use part of their annual salary to purchase up to four weeks of leave on top of your annual leave entitlements. This leave can be funded by fortnightly salary deductions.

Personal & professional growth

We encourage personal and professional growth so our team members can gain new skills and experience, reach their career goals and experience improved outcomes. Skills and growth developed away from the workplace can be just as valuable as growth developed at the workplace.


Our people have career and secondment opportunities across Cogent Thinking and our many allied health, wellness and employment businesses. We always try to promote from within, and support our people to achieve their career development goals.


The Cogent Thinking Academy offers amazing opportunities to gain continuing professional development points, and keep your skills current. With an emphasis on work-based learning, and a range of delivery methods, such as podcasts and online learning, we encourage the continuing professional development of all our employees, to learn valuable skills and enhance knowledge and expertise.


We offer our employees the opportunity to participate in corporate volunteering opportunities during the year. These opportunities may involve a paid day where an individual employee can volunteer to work for a community group, or having groups of staff join together for a team volunteering day or afternoon. Activities might include packing Christmas hampers, helping build a playground, or supplying lunch at a local elderly citizens' club.

Recognising performance

We all want to feel our efforts are meaningful, so recognising good work is important because it confirms our work is valued. We like to recognise our employees, both informally and formally, as a way of acknowledging and praising people for their efforts or results, and their good work.


At Cogent, our teams work together to enable each other to thrive within a culture of collaboration, maximising performance while keeping it fun for all. As our business grows and we continue to seek new talent, we recognise that it is our own people who are best placed to help us identify future team members – and the Cogent Star Finder Program rewards you for doing just that. Cogent team members are rewarded for referring great candidates.


Successful teamwork involves cooperation, helping others and sharing information. These qualities are vitally important in helping us reach our goals as an organisation. We offer team-based rewards as a way to recognise the good work of our teams, and to show that good teamwork is valued at Cogent Thinking. When our employees know they’re valued, they’re more satisfied with their work and they’re more productive.


Cogent offers a great range of benefits to support and reward our employees professionally and personally. Be rewarded for your hard work, and have a happier, healthier life. We welcome you to enjoy the special offers and benefits within our exclusive Cogent Employee Benefits Program. Our perks include salary sacrificing, novated leasing programs and discounted private health insurance.

Your wellbeing

We’ve adopted employee wellbeing initiatives because we care about our employees and we know these programs improve self-confidence, quality of work and productivity. Employees who feel well tend to remain in the workplace for longer, and there is less absenteeism, injury and illness.


Our Employee Assistance Program offers employee access to short-term, solution-focused counselling to manage work-related and personal issues that may be affecting their wellbeing and workplace performance. Employees commonly access this type of counselling because of concerns relating to their work or personal lives.


At Cogent, we want you to focus on helping our clients – not worry about having the right tools to do the job! Our employees benefit from having every relevant resource their job role requires. We also support our employees with arranging workplace modifications, if needed, to help them better do their job.

We're Hiring!

Consider a Career at Gogent Thinking

Think you would be a great fit for the Cogent Team? We’d love to hear from you.

You can find our current vacancies listed here – https://www.medhealth.com.au/careers/current-opportunities.

If you’re a registered allied health professional and can’t see a suitable role within our current opportunities, please feel free to send your resume and a brief covering letter through to our team directly on info@cogentthinking.com.au.

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