Fitness for duty assessments

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is an assessment of an injured worker’s ability to safely perform their normal duties.

The assessment includes a report outlining the tasks the worker can safely perform and what actions can be taken to minimise risk.

This kind of assessment is often needed when a worker is suffering from a mental illness or when a non-work related medical problem affects their ability to safely perform their duties.

A fitness to work assessment can help an employer:

  • Confirm if the employee has a medical or health condition
  • Determine if that condition may be affecting their ability to perform their work safely and productively
  • Establish whether any treatment the employee is receiving might impact their ability to undertake their role
  • Determine whether returning to work following illness or a long absence poses any risk of aggravating an employee’s health condition
  • Identify what reasonable accommodations can be made to support the employee to perform the requirements of their role
  • Understand how effectively and efficiently the employee’s recovery and return to full or part-time work can be achieved
  • Determine if participation in rehabilitation or retraining programs would best support the employee’s recovery
  • Identify if extended leave or performance management concerns are caused by a health condition
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