In-clinic pre-employment medical assessments

Pre-employment assessments are a valuable risk-management tool used by employers to assess whether a job candidate has the capacity to perform a role safely and productively.

Employers who have a pre-employment assessment process are able to match people to suitable jobs and reduce the potential for injury.

Cogent Thinking can help you identify the essential duties of the role, any risks associated with those duties, and then decide on the screening needed to manage those risks.

We then give you a risk rating so that you’re able to make an informed, risk-based hiring decision.

All of our assessments are conducted by certified health professionals across 550 locations Australia-wide.

The advantages of pre-employment assessments

  • Match the capacity of a person with the role
  • Dramatically reduce an employer’s injury exposure and insurance costs
  • Safer working environment
  • Reduced risks and recruitment costs
  • Identify those at risk of injury, or aggravation of injury
  • Address weaknesses over the employment lifecycle

Pre-employment medical assessments

A pre-employment medical assessment is used to screen a person for risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a specific role. At Cogent Thinking, we profile your ideal candidate and then use that as our baseline for forming our assessment methodology.

Our pre-employment medical includes:

  • Doctor’s review of medical history
  • Height, weight, body mass index
  • Cardiovascular – blood pressure, pulse, heart check
  • Musculoskeletal check including range of movement
  • Vision check including colour blindness
  • Urinalysis for kidney disorder
  • Manual handling assessment
  • Neural and postural tolerance testing

Additional components can be added to a pre-employment medical, such as:

  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Spirometry (lung test)
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Occupational vaccinations
  • Pathology/blood testing
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • ECG

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