Rail safety medical assessments

Cogent Thinking provides all three categories of rail medical assessments to our clients across our national network.

A Rail Worker’s Safety Medical forms a part of the Transport, Rail and Safety Act 2010, which requires rail operators to have and implement a health management program for their employees. There are three types of rail medicals and each category is based on the specific role of the employee.

  • Category 1: applies to rail workers who perform safety critical work and whose ill health may result in sudden incapacity or collapse leading to a serious incident affecting public safety or the rail network.
  • Category 2: applies to rail workers who perform safety critical work where sudden incapacity will not impact the safety of the public or the rail network.
  • Category 3: applies to rail workers who perform non-safety critical work and whose health and fitness does not impact directly on the rail network, but they are required to protect their own safety and that of other rail workers.

Rail Safety Workers medical assessments are required for the following situations:

  • Pre-employment or change of risk category health assessments
  • Periodic health assessments depending on risk category
  • Triggered health assessments at any time because of concerns about the workers health

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