Our team of professionals at Cogent Thinking are obsessed about creating healthy workplaces where work is made safer and more sustainable, and the best possible healthcare is not deemed a luxury but a rule.

We’re motivated by the challenges presented by any work sites across all industries whether it is for the management of small or enterprise businesses – local or internationally based. If there is an opportunity to save on your claim’s costs, we will make it happen.

Cogent Thinking approaches each challenge and employer as unique, and from there, every step we take is tailored to meet the specific needs and business requirements of your organisation, your workforce, work tasks and environment.

Warehouse worker

At Cogent Thinking, the results we make possible for our customers are the only true measure of our success. If you join us, you too can expect:

Far simpler injury and claims management processes

Healthier workplaces

Reduced absences

Fewer injuries

Significant reductions in claims and costs

We offer our customers practical solutions that deliver real results underpinned by service excellence

Mercy Health

The challenge

Managing thousands of employees in multiple sites across Australia. Paying for a very high number of compensation claims, where every injured worker was making a claim, and the average cost of a claim was $50,000.

The solution

Cogent Thinking introduced its early response services right across the organisation, ensuring all injured workers made immediate calls to our 24/7 injury hotline and received fast, appropriate medical treatment from our fully vetted clinical network of health professionals. We engaged managers to take part in the triage call and follow up treatment, to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the process.

The result

With all injured workers receiving prompt medical treatment from treating practitioners trained in recovery at work principles, Mercy Health has managed to reduce its compensation claims by 97 per cent, down to virtually no workers making claims. Those that do make claims are costing the health service an average of just $5000, down from $50,000 before Cogent Thinking came aboard. Their insurance premium has been significantly cut, and they won the Worksafe Award in 2018 for ‘Leading Return to Work Practice by and Employer’.

Virgin Australia

The challenge

At the time, the airline employed a workforce of more than 10,000 people, an increasing number of whom were becoming injured leading to time lost from work. The complexity of catering to a business with an international footprint and one that operates 24/7 at multiple locations.

The solution

We deployed our web-based tool, InjuryTrack to record, track and report injuries, in close collaboration with Virgin Australia management. As a result of the tool’s findings, we introduced a service to allow referrals from InjuryTrack to an extensive healthcare provider network of GP clinics, after hours clinics and allied health professionals, tailored to the organisation’s needs. Recently services have expanded to include audiometric testing, drug and alcohol management, and mental health reporting.

NSW Police

The challenge

NSW Police Force needed a pre-employment medical program in order to rapidly assess large cohorts of applicants for safety critical roles, while keeping personal information secure.

The solution

Cogent Thinking was chosen to design and deliver a program that adhered to NSW Police Force’s stringent medical protocols. The program delivers an efficient and user-friendly experience, featuring 24/7 online access to the pre-employment medical portal, a bespoke digital experience with secure digital workflows, and the ability to request appointments at a range of convenient locations throughout NSW.

The result

NSW Police Force selectED their preferred clinics and providers from Cogent Thinking’s network of more than 50,000 providers. All personal information was transferred securely through our digital platform to meet strict security requirements. Since 2007, Cogent Thinking has delivered more than 9000 assessments, with recent volumes around 1200 per year.

We are continuing to work with NSW Police Force to explore even faster timeframes to clear applicants.

Easy Access to a Second Opinion

The challenge

MedHealth’s Health Management Services was engaged by one of Australia’s largest private health insurers to design and implement a second opinion service. The service provides people with complex medical conditions with timely access to MedHealth’s extensive network of independent medical specialists, providing valuable information and peace of mind around health concerns.

The solution

The Health Management Services team:

  • Developed the client journey in partnership with the insurer
  • Partnered with MedHealth’s Specialist Services division to ensure all clinical considerations were met
  • Engaged the office of the Chief Medical Officer to identify suitably credentialed specialists
  • Set up a contact centre and central platform to provide a single point of contact for the client whilst enabling appointment of the most appropriate medical specialist irrespective of MedHealth brand.

The result

  • Creating unique brand equity for the insurer
  • Providing high client satisfaction with an NPS of +85
  • Creating a new way for our medical consultants to provide their expert opinion

Putting Members First

The challenge

In partnership with a large life insurer, MedHealth was tasked with establishing a unique service delivery model to support clients with mental health conditions when lodging an income protection claim.

The aim of this initiative was to:

  • Enhance the claims lodgement process, ensuring that lodging a claim was as easy as possible for clients in their time of need
  • Better gather the right information up front and understand the client’s claimed condition and reasons for being unable to work
  • Positively engage with clients about their recovery and wellness, including discussing the health benefits of good work

The solution

MedHealth’s team of care coordinators arranged for a nurse to visit clients in their homes to assist with the completion of the claim forms, and then arranged for a qualified Psychiatrist to contact the treating doctor to gain appropriate medical information about their claimed condition.

The result

  • 13 day reduction in time from claim notification to claim lodgement
  • 20% increase in referrals to the rehabilitation team to engage in return to work support
  • 4 week reduction in time from claim lodgement to first payment
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