Online pre-employment screening

Online pre-employments are perfect for organisations seeking a robust yet fit-for-purpose solution.

Online pre-employments are suited to organisations which:

  •  do not have a pre-employment process
  • need an economical way to de-risk business
  • have a spiralling pre-employment spend and want to select lower risk jobs suitable for online assessments
  • want to save money without materially changing the outcome.

Cogent Thinking acknowledges that not every organisation needs a face to face assessment, but rather an efficient, effective and validated tool to gather health and medical information about their candidates and have it assessed against the inherent job demands to provide a risk rating which will help guide their employment decision.

Every assessment and questionnaire is digitised, creating a comprehensive dataset beginning at pre-employment and continuing throughout their tenure if surveillance medical assessments are required. Strengths are identified and any weaknesses can be transformed into individual injury prevention solutions that promote physical health and improve engagement whilst mitigating organisational risk.

Computer conference call

The benefits of online pre-employments include:

  • Job-specific pre-employment / periodic assessments
  • Digital self-scoring questionnaires
  • An objective and functional approach
  • Digital reports shared securely in real time
  • Personalised guidelines to address identified weaknesses
    • identifying a problem and giving advice on how to improve through their employment lifecycle
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