Manual handling


Manual handling is one of the biggest causes of injuries in Australian workplaces. Work that involves a person exerting force to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or move something, can be harmful if it’s not done safely.

This sort of work can cause injuries known as musculoskeletal disorders, such as strains and sprains, back injuries, soft tissue injuries to wrists, arms and shoulders, hernias and chronic pain.

Our team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists recognise the need for manual handling training that delivers real behavioural change and risk reduction within a workforce.


In collaboration with our colleagues from the occupational rehabilitation organisation IPAR, the Strong4Life™ manual handling training program was developed. The programs helps a workforce better understand their body in relation to the work they perform, .

Via Strong4Life™ participants gain an understanding of their:

  • Physical strengths
  • Physical weaknesses
  • Fatigue levels
  • Potential for injury


Strong4Life™ empowers people to make positive and healthy choices in their daily manual handling activities at work and at home. It is available as a generic program or it can be fully tailored to any industry or workplace.

Strong4Life™ is delivered by qualified consultants with experience in adult learning principles. It can be delivered:

  • Face to face
  • Through an e-learning module
  • As a Train the Trainer unit
  • As a blended solution of all of the above

The e-learning module is a popular choice among our customers during this time of social distancing. It’s perfect for refresher training, for delivery to large groups across multiple sites, or as a blended solution of face-to-face and e-learning training.

Our e-module customers include Virgin Airlines, WDS Mining, JJ Richards, Toll Group and many others. These clients have experienced significant reductions in manual handling injuries following implementation of our program.

A two-minute demonstration of the e-learning module can be viewed here.

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