Worksite assessments

What is a Worksite Assessment?

A worksite assessment is a thorough and detailed review of the main tasks carried out in a particular role and workplace environment.

An experienced occupational health professional will meet you onsite to assess the tasks and analyse the role, and take photos or videos of each task. They will provide a task analysis in hard or soft copy format detailing physical and psychological task demands, and any special requirements of the role.

How Worksite Assessments Benefit Your Business and Employees

Worksite assessments can be used to support a variety of injury prevention and management activities, including:

  • Provide you with a higher level of understanding based on objective data about the physical, psychological and cognitive requirements of your position
  • Assist in the development of pre-employment functional and fitness for duty assessments, tested against the inherent physical and functional job demands for the required position
  • Support the development and tailoring of job specific training
  • Assist in the identification of suitable duties and the development of return to work plans
  • Allow occupational health and safety staff to convey relevant information to all stakeholders pertaining to the physical and cognitive task demands of the work their employees undertake
  • Assist in managing an ageing workforce by ensuring that employees’ duties are appropriate for their capacity, allowing the workforce to maintain the knowledge provided by our experienced staff.

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